Wind Lab in Ginza
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Main Event

Wind Lab in GinzaWind and Technologies in a Playful Atmosphere

Exhibition Dates : Oct 20, 2017 (Fri.) – Feb 25, 2018 (Sun.)

Open : 11:00 – 21:00

Admission : Free

See the Wind, Know the Wind and Feel the Wind at METoA Ginza

For this event, Mitsubishi Electric focuses on bringing visitors exciting wind encounters never before experienced, doing so based on its many years of studing the relationships between humans and the wind. “Wind Lab in Ginza” presents guests the opportunity to experience beautiful imagery and sophisticated technologies. We hope it brings you fresh surprises and brightens your day.

1F | METoA 1

Illuminated Wind[Object Symbolizing the Wind]

On the first floor, visitors are welcomed by an object that symbolizes wind, created using air flowing from a Kirigamine air conditioner, a world-renown product series celebrating its 50th anniversary in the market this year. A band of layered cloth and colored lighting visualize the rhythm of the pleasant breeze from the air conditioner. The flowing air beautifully paints the space when changing shape and appearance.


Air-conditioners that harmonize baautifuly with people's lifestyle.

METoA Cafe & KitchenCherry pie resembling a windmill pinwheel spinning on a plate

2F | METoA 2

Be the WindBecome the wind and enter the beautiful scenery created by the four seasons

New visual experience utilizing four types of wind!
Controlling airflow at will… To this end, Mitsubishi Electric has been studying wind for many years and has created a number of products useful in daily life. For this event, the video imagery presented on METoA VISION were produced using cutting-edge airflow technologies. We hope you enjoy the experience of becoming the wind in the space surrounding the powerful 64-screen display. Mitsubishi Electric products create four types of wind that flow through beautiful scenery depicting the four seasons, from winter to fall. Please join us to experience the sensation of feeling winds that one cannot normally see when you enter this pleasant, enjoyable world.

Winter Scenery

Warm, pleasant wind
Room Air Conditioner“Kirigamine”

Spring Scenery

Quiet wind with blossoms floating in the air
SEASONS Electric Fan

Summer Scenery

Briskly blowing wind
Jet Towel

Fall Scenery

Wind bringing in fresh air
Home Ventilation Fan

3F | METoA 3

Sirocco Fan – Dancing in the WindsIntriguing world of wind manipulated by siroco fans

Sphere dancing in the air in tune with music and video images
Exhaust fans used in ducts ventilate kitchens, bathrooms and stores. They help maintain comfortable indoor-air quality by drawing stale air outside through long ducts. For this exhibit, the airflows created by sirocco fans – which are widely appelied in duct ventilation fans and range hood fans – are used to make a sphere dance in the wind. The sphere is made to float in the air using the characteristic dynamic airflows created by the controlling force of the sirocco fans. Watch as it rhythmically moves in tune with the moving imagery and music. But that’s not all… An interactive device incorporated in the display triggers the sphere to change motion when someone approaches, making is so one can virtually dance together with the sphere. We hope you enjoy the world of wind manipulated by sirocco fans.

Sirocco Fan

Sirocco fans have high directivity and powerful air expelling capability. Utilizing these characteristics, they are widely used to ventilate bathrooms and kitchens through long duct passages in the ceiling or under the floor.

Line Flow Fan – Playing with the WindTry blowing on the Line Flow Fan to create a wind

The spirit of wind and bubbles burst into the air as you blow on the fan.
Kirigamine room air conditioners continue to generate pleasant winds in daily life. The Line Flow Fan*1located inside the indoor unit is responsible for generating the airflow emitted. Mitsubishi Electric created the world’s first*2wall-mounted air conditioner, Kirigamine, using a Line Flow Fan, which led to the introduction of lighter and slimmer indoor units. At METoA3, you can experience first-hand creating a simulated Line Flow Fan airflow capable of blowing air in a straight line. Simply blow on the fan and shapes likes hearts, flower petals and wind fairies will appear on the screen. Depending on how strongly you blow*3, the images frolic freely flying in different ways. Why not give it a try, and play with the fairies of the wind?

*1 Excluding FZ Series
*2 For residential-use air conditioners. Released in Oct.1967.
*3 Different from actual Line Flow Fan usage

Line Flow Fan

The Line Flow Fan is a cylindrical air blower that delivers straight airflows to distant locations. Mitsubishi Electric was the first company in the world*to use it, installing the fan in Kirigamine air conditioners and setting a new standard for room air conditioners.

*For residential-use air conditioners. Released in Oct.1967.

Wind-scanning Lidar – See the WindHow is the airstream above the airport moving?

Using a special filter against the screen, you can watch the wind move!
Long-range Scanning Wind LIDAR measures and visualizes the movement of wind. Sending information on airstream movement around airports to control towers, Lidar contributes to the safe take-off and landing of aircraft. At METoA3, one can experience how Long-range Scanning Wind LIDAR sees these winds. At a glance, the image only seems to show an airplane in flight. However, when applying a special filter, movement of the wind becomes apparent. Watching aircraft landing, we hope that this experience will strike your curiosity, and that you, too, will enjoy watching the wind that was once impossible to see.

Elevator Car Cover – Arrange the WindExperience the movement of air around the world's fastest elevator*

Can wind be arranged at the speed of 1,230 meters per minute!?
Mitsubishi Electric installed the world-fastest elevator*in Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building. The ride comfort of this ultra-high-speed elevator is supported by a specially developed elevator car fairing. Its unique streamlined shape improves the aerodynamics, achieving significant noise control even at high speeds. For this METoA3 event, a screen for projecting airflow has been installed. By standing at the point where the wind is blowing on the straming car fairing model in your hands, you can see how it arranges the airflow. You will also experience of learning how airflows change using items like an umbrella, hat or other shings.

*As of October 2017. Among elevators currently in operation (in-house data).

The Shanghai Tower elevator has set three Guinness World Records!

①Fastest lift(elevator)
1,230m/min (73.8km/hr)

②TAllest lift(elevator) in a building
578.550m high

③Fastest double-deck lift(elevator)
600m/min (36.0km/hr)