Welcome to
METoA Ginza

Our lifestyle is about to change now.
METoA Ginza, too, has taken a step towards new norm.

This is a place where we hope that the Mitsubishi Electric Group can meet all of you and offer exciting discoveries.
We hope that all of you have a good time and we can be of some help in spreading smiles.
At METoA Ginza, all te staff are looking forward to serving you with the spirit of hospitality.


This is a place where you can have fun with Mitsubishi Electric’s products, technologies and various corporate activities in new formats of imagery and exhibitions.

Mitsubishi Electric has been aiming to become helpful to society and people’s daily life through technologies and manufacturing. For the purpose of sending out our thanks to our customers and creative value towards the future, a Mitsubishi Electric event area, METoA Ginza was created.

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