Re-Birth in Ginza
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Main Event

Re-Birth in GinzaEncounter a Bewildering World Created Using Recycled Home Appliances

Exhibition Dates : Feb 22, 2017 (Wed.) – Jun 14, 2017 (Wed.)

Open: 11:00 – 21:00

Admission: Free

When you throw away your home appliances,
have you ever imagined what happens to them?

Mitsubishi Electric transforms home appliances into resources using original home appliance recycling technologies. It’ s doing its share for the consideration of limited resources utilizing its state-of-the-art technologies. For this event at METoA Ginza, we present those technologies in the form of images and artistic objects. We hope you will be moved when learning the journey of home appliances recycled into the future.

1F | METoA 1 - 3F | METoA 3

Reincarnation “Chandelier of Disassembly” “Reincarnation”

From 1st to 3rd Floors
Story of Household Appliance Re-Birth Utilizing Artistic Objects

New Light from Chandeliers Made of Disassembled and Crushed Recycled Home Appliances.
In the 1st-floor Attention Zone, you will be welcomed by home electrical appliances recycled and transformed into acrylic objects shining like chandeliers. Surrounding them, rings of light are cast in spiraling glitter with colorful materials. This is the first chapter of the Re-Birth story of household appliances that have finished their original jobs: disassembly and crushing, the first stages of the recycling process, are interpreted by Mr. Naoki Kawamoto, an industrial designer active both in and outside of Japan, in the form of artistic objects that utilize clear raw materials and the flow of light. “Home electrical appliances appear old and dirty when collected, but they are actually treasures with plentiful users’ memories engraved in them,” commented, Mr. Kawamoto. “They are transformed into other materials so that they can carry on their journey to something new. I hope that expresses the beginning of this new life beautifully with my works.” What happens to home appliances after being disassembled and crushed? The story of Re-Birth continues with artistic objects on the 3rd floor.

Home Appliances Re-Birth Journey Navigated by Graphics Characterized in the Motif of Recycled Materials

Recreating New Value from Grains of Light
Moving on to the 3rd floor guided by the navigation line, you will find a piece of art created from transformed home electrical appliances. Mr. Kawamoto’s signature style—a polyhedral design—and transparent grains of light representing the*pellets sparkling depending on the angle of view. Mr. Kawamoto commented, “Materials transformed into grains of light surge to the surface, set to be recreated into household appliances that will play new roles. They will travel to new owners and start shining again. That is the imagery behind this work. The light installation is interactive, with the light changing into an aurora of colors as visitors wave their hands above the operation unit. “I hope even those people who are not familiar with recycling technologies will enjoy getting a sensual feeling of something like, ‘It’s beautiful somehow’ or ‘I like it for some reason.’ I’d be delighted if they become interested in home appliance recycling.”

*grained raw material for plastic products

1F | METoA 1 - 3F | METoA 3
Reincarnation “Chandelier of Disassembly” “Reincarnation”


Naoki Kawamoto

Industrial designer and the representative of N&R Foldings Japan. Born in Hiroshima in 1980. After studying environmental design in Tokyo, he moved to London to obtain master’s degrees in industrial design engineering at two universities. After working as a freelancer, he has been involved in various artist and corporate projects both in and outside of Japan.

N and R Foldings

METoA Cafe & Kitchen“3B” Three-Berry Ice Cream Cake

2F | METoA 2

METoA VISIONSpecial Movie “Listening to the Heartbeat of the Re-Birth Cycle”

Watch, Listen to and Feel Home Appliance Recycling

Circulating World Created by Wadaiko (Japanese Drums) and Animation.
The giant METoA 64-multiscreen display will introduce visitors to home electrical appliance recycling. The combined performance of DRUM TAO and animation produces the re-birth of the household appliance world through powerful sound and video images. Using the materials actually generated from piece-by-piece disassembly and sorting processes are also depicted in the form of an elegant dance. Video director Yasuhiko Shimizu commented, “Home appliances return to raw materials and are the reborn. After the end of life as a home electrical appliance, therein lies a vast story beyond our imagination that is normally rarely seen. I hope that the audience can feel the circulating beat through METoA VISION.” We hope you will enjoy this fantasy world derived from experiencing home electrical appliance recycling.

Special Movie “Listening to the Heartbeat of the Re-Birth Cycle”

Special Movie「Re-Birth 循環の鼓動を聴く」監督

Director: Yasuhiko Shimizu

Active in various genres, including screenplay and direction of TV commercials, music videos, fashion videos and feature-length movies. He has won a number of accolades, including the SSTV award for best director.

Special Movie「Re-Birth 循環の鼓動を聴く」アニメーション

Animation: Tetsuya Tatamitani

Animation director/effect animator working for Hot Zipang. Particularly strong in the area of “lightspeed” freestyle animations. He has also produced many typeface animations using lyrics and logos, as well as various abstract effects.


Special Movie「Re-Birth 循環の鼓動を聴く」演奏

Music Artists: DRUM TAO

The entertainment group of Taiko drummers who boast overwhelming sound expressions unparalleled in the world. DRUM TAO has earned high praise from media around the globe for its unique world created beyond the boundary of the concept of Japanese drums as a new type of performing art. So far the group has performed in front of over 7 million people in 500 cities in 23 countries.


3F | METoA 3

The World of Disassembly

A Close Look at the Strange and Wonderful World of Home Appliance Recycling at a Touch of the Fingertip

A Fun Way of Experiencing The World of Recycling.
In the style of a fairytale story, the animated film “The World of Disassembly” depicts how household electrical appliances are reborn as recycled materials after they have come to the end of their original lifecycles. In order to make it easier to imagine the actual recycling process, the film presents a humorous fantasy with home appliances floated by balloons and disassembled parts carried by dwarves. A special feature of the exhibition is that you can enlarge the animation by operating the handheld panel to look around the animated world freely. The two LENS members say they thought that recycling plants might possibly be very happy places for home electrical appliances. We hope you will share their sentiments and have fun in this playful recycling world.

3F | METoA 3 The World of Disassembly



Formed in 2014 by interaction artist Kenichi Okada and space designer Kunie Hiyamizu. The creative lab studies senses, such as the “sensation of touch” and “fun,” and express them through a wide variety of media.



Learn and Experience the Sorting Process while Having Fun

One of the processes of home appliance recycling is expressed here like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in different sizes, colors and shapes. You will have simulated experiences of each sorting process by using water and magnets. We hope you will enjoy watching how familiar electrical goods are being recycled.