Announcing the Winter Version of Robotic Art in Ginza – Artistic World Created by Industrial Robots

An interactive theater featuring a joint performance by industrial robots and imagery is showcased on METoA2 (2F), with favorable reviews from customers, who say they have “thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of manipulating robots.” On Friday, November 25, a winter version of the theater will begin, with the addition of new imagery that will allure you to the mystical world of snow. Industrial robots will respond interactively when you send snow crystals fluttering.

* Image

On METoA3 (3F), artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s new collection of miniature art works created using factory automation products will feature the addition of stop-motion animations, from Wednesday, December 14. The animations will depict delightful stories such as of “two ice skaters,” “people enjoying a scream machine,” and “rotating robots” hidden within the miniature art world.
We also invite you to visit Robotic Art in Ginza – Artistic World Created by Industrial Robots, an event that is certain to lift your spirits this winter event season.

* Image (robotic city, winter version)