Virtual Experience of the Hot Spot to Visit in Ginza

With “ Virtual METoA ”, simply use a personal computer or smartphone to take a virtual tour of METoA Ginza.
Complete with a 360º panoramic view, enjoy life-like imagery of exhibits as if you were actually there.

Be sure to check out this exciting, cutting-edge experience offered by METoA Ginza.

– What is METoA Ginza? –

METoA Ginza opened in the Ginza district of Tokyo on March 31, 2016. The theme of the facility is “ Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric. ”
On the premises one will find Mitsubishi Electric technologies and products entwined with various forms of art, tradition and culture. This exhibition space was created as a place where visitors can see, touch and experience discoveries and surprises unique to the venue.

Current Event

To experience Virtual METoA. Space Challenge in Ginza – Revealing Secrets of Outer Space 
with Satellites and Large-Scale Telescope