Floor Guide

3F METoA 3
2F METoA 2
1F METoA 1

360°sound experience elevator “Elevator × DIATONE Speakers”

METoA Ginza consists of three floors, each having a different concept. The elevators penetrating these floors also have amazing ingenuities that passengers can experience. Environmental sounds that embrace them entirely have been created by a sound artist, and realized by Mitsubishi Electric's 11 high-quality sound DIATONE speakers, together with the state-of-the-art surround sound system. Enjoy encounters with creative spatial experiences.

3F | METoA3 Exhibition

A communication space that encourages encounters with the latest technologies and people.
It stages various participatory events from workshops and talks/lectures by up-and-coming creators, to exhibition sales of items selected from Mitsubishi Electric's unique viewpoint. Our technologies, which continuously seek challenges in frontiers from the home to space are introduced based on various themes and discoveries.

* Free Wi-Fi access is available on-site.

2F | METoA2 Exhibition・METoA VISION

A special sensory exhibition space playing the central role of METoA Ginza.
It introduces collaborative works created through encounters of leading creators who demonstrate their talent in various milieu and cutting edge technologies developed by Mitsubishi Electric. The key player is the movable 64-screen LCD multi-display unit; METoA VISION which occupies an entire wall. With its overwhelming beauty that envelops you completely, it presents colorful and dramatic images filled with discoveries.

* Free Wi-Fi access is available on-site.

Co-performances Begin Here on This Stage

With installation of a movable 19.4m-wide and 2.7m-high 64 panel-multi-display (equivalent to 772 inch), comprising four units of Mitsubishi Electric's high-precision 55″, 16 panel-LCD monitors (equivalent to 220 inch), the venue offers immersion into an overwhelming visual experience. The curtain is about to rise on a dynamic vision of the future displayed on this enormous stage.

1F | METoA1 Exhibition・METoA VISION

The entrance floor of METoA Ginza invites encounters with the future.
The METoA Cafe & Kitchen with its relaxed and sophisticated ambience offers a one step ahead lifestyle including organic food items using superfoods and Australian style coffee. The information desk, art installations linked with each event, and original goods shop transport visitors to an intriguing new world with every visit.

* Free Wi-Fi access is available on-site.


The shops sell tote bags, notebooks, hand towels and other original merchandise in the silver and yellow colors of the METoA Ginza logo.
Silver symbolizes the future, and yellow symbolizes our desire to take up this new challenge, and we hope these chic, classy items will serve as mementos of the encounters you experience at METoA Ginza.

METoA Cafe & Kitchen(former Me's CAFE & KITCHEN)

Its original menu combining dishes inspired by the Australian lifestyle with superfoods and edible flowers proposes a casual, tasty and enjoyable style of dining with its quality food that exceeds that of a cafe. It also specializes in superb Allpress brand espresso coffee.
Enjoy it as a cafe or casual restaurant.