Space Challenge in Ginza
Revealing Secrets of Outer Space
with Satellites and Large-Scale Telescope

2018/7/6 START

Exhibition Dates : July 06,2018(Fri.)– September 04(Tue.)
Open : 11:00 – 21:00
Admission : Free

For more than a half-century,
Mitsubishi Electric has contributed technologies and products
towards revealing the unlimited potential of the universe.

This event is dedicated to taking visitors on a journey–a unique, mystical trip to a world depicting our dreams and aspirations.

We hope you will join us this summer for an epic space experience
that may offer clues as to how secrets of outer space
might be used to realize more affluent lifestyles in the future.

METoA Vision

Experience the launching of a satellite on the METoA Vision 64-screen display. You can help customize the satellite platform, send it through environmental testing, and witness it lift off and travel into space. Gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of the space indsustry by participating, just like being in a role-playing game.


Get a close up look at satellites from a planetarium-like setting and learn how large-scale radio telescopes that are working to unveil the mysteries of outer space function. A wide variety of interactive displays are waiting to present a fun-filled introduction to Mitsubishi Electric's dream-inspiring space technologies.