Space Challenge in Ginza
Revealing Secrets of Outer Space
with Satellites and Large-Scale Telescope

Event has been extended to
September 25 (Tue.)
due to popular demand!

Exhibition Dates : July 06,2018(Fri.)– September 25,2018(Tue.)
Open : 11:00 – 21:00
Admission : Free

Connecting outer space and our lives for more affluent daily life, the “Space Challenge in Ginza” event utilizes interactive video and various satellites and large-scale telescopes exhibits to present Mitsubishi Electric technologies that are closing in on the mysteries of the universe.

To experience Virtual METoA. Space Challenge in Ginza – Revealing Secrets of Outer Space with Satellites and Large-Scale Telescope

Special Contents

Large-Scale Telescopes Virtual Reality Experience (Nobeyama 45-meter Radio Telescope)

You can experience the simulation of climbing this gigantic telescope and showing up on its primary mirror. We hope you will enjoy learning about the overwhelming size and power of this 45m-diameter telescope.

Large-Scale Telescopes Virtual Reality Experience(ALMA)

You can walk around the ALMA built in the vast Atacama Desert and enjoy a star-filled night sky, one of the most beautiful views in the world.

3F | METoA 3
[Expression of Outer Space]


Digital Globe in 21th Century "Tangible Earth"

Tangible Earth is an interactive digital globe for next generation created by mainly Shinichi Takemura, being a professor in Kyoto University of Art and Design and a representative of Earth Literacy Program. Exhibited at international event, environmental event and education site, for example, G7 Ise-Shima Summit in 2016 or Japan pavilion of milanoexpo-2015 and so on.

Corporative Companies: The KAITEKI Institute, Inc.
Weathernews Inc.
National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Association(ZEN-NOH)

Earth Literacy Program

Soundscape Designer Kenta Kamiyama

soundscape title "Il Poema Del Spazio (The Poem of Space)"
Soundscape Designer Kenta Kamiyama

Born in Tokyo in 1991. He is active mainly in Japan and Italy. He has worked not only as a sound designer but also as an artist.

Kenta Kamiyama official web site

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METoA Cafe & Kitchen

Miniature Universe on a Plate!

Designed especially for this event, this photogenic dessert of sweets inspired by satellites and the Earth is available in limited number. The satellite is made of cream cheese mixed with crispy cornflakes and accented with a lemon antenna. The subtle sweetness is accentuated by the flavors of pistachio, representing the solar array paddles, and white chocolate with dried raspberry sprinkles. The lemon-flavored sorbet that accompanies it adds summer-season appeal and a refreshing taste. Blue Curacao syrup is used to create the blue color of the Earth. The rich cream cheese and refreshing lemon sorbet combination create an excellent chemistry. Why not end your visit to this most intriguing event and immerse yourself in outer space yet again by trying this alluring sweet dessert.

【Limited availability of ten servings a day】Lemon Space Satellite ¥980 (tax not included)

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You can find a range of original goods available only here featuring the METoA Ginza logo and logo colors.In addition, items related to the theme of the current event are sold here. Please drop by the METoA Ginza Shop during your next visit.