Smooth Access City
Come with Us to a Futuristic City

Exhibition Dates : March 06, 2018 (Tue.) to June 28, 2018 (Thu.)
Open : 11:00 – 21:00
Admission : Free

Let us take you to a barrier-free city that is easily accessible to everyone. In this event, titled “Smooth Access City”, our vision of a futuristic city is presented utilizing experience-based imagery and various exhibitions. All operations are smooth and seamless in this city, from transportation to guidance and communications. We hope you’ll enjoy this unique experience in a futuristic city created using Mitsubishi Electric technologies.

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Initiatives towards a Harmonious Society

For 2020 and beyond…

Setting its sights on 2020 and beyond, Mitsubishi Electric is working together with its customers to realize a truly global society through its business activities. Through applying universal design, we will create greater “fun and comfort” beyond security and user-friendliness in the daily lives of everyone; doing so for everyone, with or without disabilities.


The beyond2020 program is an initiative introduced by the Japanese government to convey the charm of Japanese culture through cultural activities and businesses that promote diversity and globalism. Mitsubishi Electric is a supporter of the initiative.
This event is certified by the "beyond2020" program. (Certification number:a001001212)

about The beyond2020 program

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METoA Cafe & Kitchen
(former Me's CAFE & KITCHEN)

Urban sweets that leave no guilty conscience if eaten between meals, even if you eat them all.

This dessert entrée, available for a limited time only, was created applying the concept of “barrier-free” eating. These bliss bars can be eaten without worry by young children, vegetarians and people on a diet. They are currently attracting attention because they contain no gluten or sugar. METoA Cafe & Kitchen offers bliss bars with spring colors added, created using only natural ingredients. The dessert plates are decorated with three beautifully colored bars: coconut, raspberry, and Matcha (powdered green tea). In addition, the flow lines drawn on the plate using coconut cream express the theme of the event, “Smooth Access City”. More importantly, these bliss bars have a mild taste that makes the most of the natural ingredients and provides a sense of satisfaction. If you eat them between meals, even if you eat them all, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Their heavenly taste will bring pleasure to mind and body.

【Limited to 10 servings per day】Cityscape Bliss Bars ¥680 (tax not included)

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You can find a range of original goods featuring the METoA Ginza logo and logo colors. The simple but stylish merchandise includes tote bags, towels, mugs, stationery and other goods available only here. Not only will they commemorate your visit, many of the items are those that you can use every day. Please drop by the METoA Ginza Shop during your next visit.