Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric.
At Mitsubishi Electric, contributing to society and people's lives through technology and manufacturing has always been an essential part of who we are.
This goal will continue to be a key part of our future.

And now we're also taking on a new goal: to become a company that's closer to society, better known by the people whose lives we touch, and well-liked by those with whom we engage.

That's why we created METoA Ginza.

METoA Ginza is a place for discovery. It's a space where art, culture and tradition are brought together through exciting technologies from Mitsubishi Electric.
There's always something new to enjoy.
Always new people to meet.
Always something special to inspire the mind and stimulate the imagination.
At METoA Ginza, you'll find surprising discoveries and experiences for all the senses.

Come explore...with Mitsubishi Electric.

Design Concept

On the design of the METoA Ginza space

Building a new home for Mitsubishi Electric in Ginza.
Mitsubishi Electric Touch of Advancement — METoA Ginza
Where the future of Mitsubishi Electric is taking shape

It would not be too much to say that companies like Mitsubishi Electric — through the various technologies they develop — form the bedrock of Japanese society. However, few people know exactly what they do.

It is incredibly difficult to communicate the intricacies of their work to the public, so I wanted to find a way to do so that would be both easy to understand and fun. This is not simply a showroom. This is a new path, a new way of passing on ideas, and a new form of cultural communication. It is also entertainment. Our aim was to design a venue that, through exciting events and exhibitions held throughout the year, would provide a way for people to discover something new.

The METoA Ginza Theme — New Encounters
Here at METoA Ginza, Mitsubishi Electric will come face-to-face with art, culture, and people, forging new forms of communication and passing on new ideas every day. That is the aim of this venue.

The space was designed to make it easier for ideas to encounter other ideas, then join together, multiply, and overlap with each other.

That theme can be seen reflected in the design of the walls of the elevator shaft, where a double layer of honeycomb panels overlap to create a floral pattern.
The design was made possible by combining technologies with art, culture, and other technologies to produce a message of happiness that is symbolized by those flowers.

The elevator shaft stretches from the first to third floors, connecting the three floors together into a single space.

Technology always lies in the background, hidden by the beauty of the exterior. However, technology is something that is fundamentally vivid and dynamic. It is born from reason, and to understand what lies at its core is to understand the true nature of things. At METoA Ginza, people can see the framework that underlies technology in its various stages of completion, and get a glimpse of what lies behind the curtain.

The first floor has a high-ceilinged cafe where visitors can enjoy anything from coffee or dessert to a full-sized lunch or dinner as they watch traffic on the street – the life of Ginza – in a truly open space.

The second floor is the main exhibit area, where future events will be held.
Here visitors will find METoA VISION, a system of 64 interconnected Mitsubishi Electric 55-inch televisions that provide a truly compelling video display.
Events held here will provide people with an experience they can find nowhere else.

The third floor will host exhibitions, workshops, and talks held in conjunction with the events held on the second floor, and provide a space for visitors to get a first-hand look at culture, art, and technology.

For the grand opening, Mitsubishi Electric will be hosting a special exhibition of new products that integrate the company's advanced electronic goods with Japan's rich and valuable array of traditional crafts.

There will be shops on the first and third floors, and in addition to original METoA Ginza merchandise, various products will be sold according to specific themes.

METoA Ginza — A Place for New Ideas and Rich Encounters

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Shigeru Kubota

Shigeru Kubota

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